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A lawn aerator punctures small holes into your lawn and removes small cores of soil. This allows water, air, and nutrients to fully penetrate the soil. Lawn aeration loosens the soil, alleviates compaction, and allows roots to grow deeper. If you are looking to find out how much it will cost to have a professional aerate your lawn, take a look at ProMatcher's Lawn Aeration Cost Report for more information.

1. Don’t aerate new grass

You should only aerate mature grass. According to our Pros, newly planted grass or freshly laid sod should be given at least a year to firmly establish itself.

2. Be careful with utility lines

Make sure that the aerator does not disrupt any shallow utility lines. If the aerator punctures a gas line, this could cause a very serious problem and cost hundreds or even thousands of dollars to fix.

3. Protect lawn sprinklers

If you have an underground lawn sprinkler system, make sure that the aerator will not puncture any of the underground pipes or damage any of the sprinkler heads.

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4. Find out what kind of grass you have

When to aerate is largely determined by the type of grass that you have. Cool-season grasses are typically aerated in the fall while warm-season grasses are aerated in the spring. Warm-season grasses include Bahiagrass and Bermuda grass. Cool-season grasses include Kentucky bluegrass and fescue.

5. Water prior to aeration

Make sure to water your lawn before aerating. The soil should be fairly moist but not oversaturated. If the soil is too wet, it will clog the aerator. If the soil is too dry, it may put undue stress on your lawn.

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6. Rent a machine with neighbors

Before renting an aerator from you local hardware store, ask your neighbors if they are interested in aerating their lawns as well. Going in on a rental together can help save you all time and money.

7. Aerate before re-seeding and fertilizing

Planning is key. If you’re planning on fertilizing your lawn or re-seeding some patchy areas, plan to aerate right before doing either of these thins. The fertilizer (or grass seed) will be able to take full advantage of the newly loosened soil.

When is the best time of year to aerate? Get the ProAnswer

8. Save time, Hire a Pro

If you’re short on time, ProMatcher can help you find a Pro in your local area.


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