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Do clay soils need to be aerated more frequently than sandy soils?

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Question: Do clay soils need to be aerated more frequently than sandy soils?
Top Answer (83% of 56 votes): Yes.

Answer: Yes
Explanation: They become compacted more frequently
Larry Pierce Lawn/Landscaping
Answer: Yes
Explanation: To help break up the tight bond in the soil profile
TJB-INC Landscape & Drainage Contractor
Answer: No
Explanation: Was established by sod, and soil layering exists. Soil layering means that soil of finer texture, which comes with imported sod, is layered over the existing coarser soil. This layering disrupts drainage, as water is held in the finer-textured soil. This leads to compacted conditions and poor root development. Aerating breaks up the layering, allowing water to flow through the soil more easily and reach the roots.
Midwest Ground Effects, Inc.
Answer: Yes
Explanation: Clay soils are more compact so aeration is needed once per year.
Walkers Green, Inc
Answer: No
Explanation: There is less air in clay soil so you should aerate it to get more air and better drainage
Black Dirt Services LLC
Answer: Yes
Explanation: Clay soils get harder and dries out faster so aeration is important.
Metro Mow N Go
Answer: Yes
Explanation: Moist clay soil, when pressed into a ball, will hold together well and not crumble when dropped. There is little or no presence of grit or large coarse particles and you can form a long ribbon when pressed between your thumb and index finger. Clay soils are made up of tiny, microscopic mineral particles packed closely together that leave little pore space for air. These poorly aerated soils absorb water slowly, and irrigation water may puddle or runoff. These soils have poor drainage (downward movement of water). Once wet, clay soils hold a lot of water but in a manner that locks the water away from plants.
Marcells Tree Service
Answer: Yes
Explanation: sandy soils tend to have good drainage, while clay soils have poor drainage
CreekSide LawnCare LLC
Answer: Yes
Explanation: Yes and sometimes i top dress after aerating seed starter fert and lime, i top dress with sand and black gold compost at a additional charge
EJs Lawncare
Answer: Yes
Explanation: The harder the soil is, the less water, air and nutrients will get the root system of your lawn.
GrassHoppers Lawn Enforcement LLC
Answer: Yes
Explanation: Clay is more dense
Diamond Cut Lawn & Landscape LLC
Answer: Yes
Explanation: due to the compaction of the soils this is definitely reccommended
Quality Grounds Management
Answer: Yes
Explanation: Clay soils permit less movement of air and water than sandy soils, so they benefit more from aeration.
Good Natured by Design
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